Facilities & Services

Test Library

The PRTC maintains an up-to-date test library of standardized tests, assessment instruments, reference materials and other resources, including a dedicated Social and Emotional Learning collection and computer lab.

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PRTC Child and Youth Assessment Clinics and Adult Assessment Clinic

The PRTC Assessment Clinics offer psycho-educational assessments and/or consultation for children, youth and adult students (grade 12 to post-secondary) who have questions about their cognitive, academic, social-emotional, or behavioural strengths and weaknesses in order to provide diagnoses and/or to develop strategies to meet their individual learning needs. Young clients are referred by their parents, community agencies, or practitioners in schools and agencies; while many adult clients (post-secondary students) are referred either by themselves or on the recommendation of a secondary school or post-secondary institution. Clinicians are interns, senior graduate students, current doctoral students, or recent graduates from the UBC school psychology training program. Interns commonly fulfill this rotation during the summer months. Overall coordination of work in the Clinics is provided by the Professional Practice Leader, working with other doctoral trained, registered psychologists or Certified School Psychologists.

The assessment process in the Assessment Clinics is oriented toward efficiency for the client with a clear focus on referral problems and a commitment to detailed recommendations for intervention and support in educational and workplace settings. Waiting lists are minimal and the assessment process is expected to be completed within about two weeks following completion of the testing process. Current fees for assessment are $1700.00 for assessment with a clinician under supervision. Assessments undertaken by Registered Psychologist carry a fee of $2200.00.

For further information, or to be included on the waiting list, please contact the PRTC by phone 604 822 1364 or e-mail regarding referral procedures.

PRTC Neuropsychological Assessment Clinic

The PRTC will begin a new assessment clinic at the PRTC summer 2017 under the direction of Dr. Rachel Weber. The emphasis of the work in the clinic will be on neuropsychological evaluation of children and youth to help identify areas of strength and weakness to help with their medical treatment, educational planning, and treatment (such as therapy/counselling or behavioral management). The evaluation will be appropriate for children and youth who are experiencing difficulties with learning, attention, behavior, or social functioning, difficulty with emotional control, medical or developmental problems that affect the brain, or brain injuries from accidents, medical treatment, or other experiences. The assessment reports will also provide support for children and youth who may have a history of cancer, concussion or traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, ADHD, learning disabilities, Tourette’s Syndrome, and other medical conditions. This new assessment clinic will also provide supervised training opportunities for School Psychology doctoral students.

Psychoeducational Practicum Assessments

We are not currently taking referrals for practicum assessments.

As part of the graduate training program in School Psychology, a very limited number of psycho-educational assessments are conducted through the PRTC for school-age children and adolescents who are experiencing difficulties in school. These assessments are completed by graduate students under the supervision of faculty members, and are primarily aimed at evaluating the nature of children’s learning problems through standardized, formal and informal assessments. Parents receive a full assessment report and participate in a case conference to review the results of the assessment and their educational implications. Case conferences with school personnel can also be arranged. No formal “wait list” is maintained and cases are selected that are most appropriate for graduate student learning experiences. A modest fee ($650.00) is charged for such services. More limited educational screening and assessments may also be available through ongoing research projects. For more information and referral for assessment in the School Psychology graduate student practicum, please contact the PRTC Test Library: (604) 822-1364 or e-mail: prtc.testlibrary@ubc.ca.

PRTC Hotline

The PRTC Hotline is a unique support service available to UBC faculty and school professionals. The PRTC staff respond to requests for information on tests and assessment procedures, provide links to research and professional literature, and offers some limited consultation on psycho-educational assessment and intervention. For more information, please contact the PRTC Test Library: 604 822 n1364 or e-mail: prtc.testlibrary@ubc.ca.

Research in the Schools

To facilitate research in education, the PRTC encourages the development of research partnerships with schools and professionals in the field to work together on studies of mutual interest. Our hope is to provide a Centre in which faculty and graduate students in education can work collaboratively with district and school staff and professionals in the field to develop, collect, analyze and/or disseminate research in education. Suggestions for research partnerships should be directed to the PRTC Director, Dr. William McKee.